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Analysis of Lethality Linked to the COVID-19 Epidemic in Senegal from March to August 2020

Objective: Analyze the lethality linked to the COVID-19 epidemic in Senegal in 2020. Methodology: This was a time series analysis of COVID-19 during the period from March 02 to August 31, 2020. The study population was people tested by RT-PCR for COVID-19. The data was aggregated and published on the COVID-19 Senegal site. The data collected was analyzed using R software, for description and modeling with ARIMA and Prophet. Results: This study showed that the total number of COVID-19 cases recorded during the period studied was 13,611, a median of 3,740 was recorded on June 1, 2020; on average, 4810 cases were registered. New confirmed cases had a median of 79 and an average of 73.9 new cases recorded. 87.4 cases of death on average recorded with a median of 43. On average 19.3 serious cases were recorded with a median of 15. On average, 3940 cases were transmitted locally. March recorded the highest positivity rate at 13.56% with a sharp decline to 8.49% in August. A fatality rate of 5.71 per 1000 inhabitants in March and 20.87 in August 2020. The reproduction rate was 1.96 at the start of the state of emergency on March 23, 2020; this rate increased to 1.11 at the end of our study, on August 31, 2020. Conclusion: Predicted and actual data had shown a continuous record of new confirmed cases and deaths until the end of 2020. With no change, despite the measures put in place, the hope is that the vaccine can bring a solution.

COVID-19, Confirmed Cases, Deaths, Transmission, Senegal

APA Style

Bondha, A. C., Tine, J. A. D. (2024). Analysis of Lethality Linked to the COVID-19 Epidemic in Senegal from March to August 2020. World Journal of Public Health, 9(1), 34-42.

ACS Style

Bondha, A. C.; Tine, J. A. D. Analysis of Lethality Linked to the COVID-19 Epidemic in Senegal from March to August 2020. World J. Public Health 2024, 9(1), 34-42. doi: 10.11648/j.wjph.20240901.15

AMA Style

Bondha AC, Tine JAD. Analysis of Lethality Linked to the COVID-19 Epidemic in Senegal from March to August 2020. World J Public Health. 2024;9(1):34-42. doi: 10.11648/j.wjph.20240901.15

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